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Today is the last day to grab Kennedy Ryan’s Soul Series, My Soul to Keep and Down to My Soul, for the release price of 99¢!

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Book 2 – Down to My Soul

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Book 1 – My Soul to Keep

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 Kristys Review (2)5 1_2 Star ReviewThis book was just everything I hoped and prayed and wanted and needed it to be, and then it was even better than that.  God, it was just so beautiful in both spirit and prose.  I seriously want every person I know to read these two books.  It’s hard for me to explain what makes this series so wonderful to me and the only thing I can come up with is these books have the most beautiful SOUL.  The story is honest, believable, fluid.  The ups and downs are heart affirming and heart wrenching and the characters are real, beautiful, flawed and perfect all at the same time. 
Rhyson is one of my favorite male characters of all time.  He is gorgeous both inside and out, talented, smart, funny and completely head over heals for Kia. He is also flawed, damaged and desperate to hold on to the love of his life.  Watching him come to terms with his actions and their consequences and seeing him work for forgiveness and redemption is simply a breathtaking journey. Kia is an amazing female lead.  Her strength and determination is inspiring, her heartbreak and  insecurities are humanizing and her love for Rhys is a thing of beauty, but watching her figure out how to not lose herself in the Rhyson’s shadow is what makes her character so much more captivating than I’m used to reading.These two characters are so multi-faceted, so complete, so extraordinary and yet so completely down to earth, that you can’t help but feel every emotion they feel.
Kennedy Ryan is simply an amazing writer.  She understand intrinsically how people interact, love, fight, play and connect.  Every emotion, every reaction and every consequence was real and believable.  There were times I wanted to scream at these characters, times I wanted to comfort them, times my heart broke for them and times I rejoiced for them. Every emotion was present and accounted for and Kennedy pulled them out of me even when I didn’t want her to.  I always feel some kind of emotion when I finish a series, sometimes happiness, sometimes sorrow because it’s over, sometimes frustration because I did like the way something was handled.  When I finished this series I felt like rejoicing, like my heart was full, sated, and joyous right down to my soul.


What people are saying about this unique music romance.

“The characters are so developed, the plot so realistic, the words painted so beautifully that you feel like you are a part of this story. I read the last few chapters so, so slowly because I didn’t want it to end.” — Adriana Lock, USA Today Bestselling Author

With this sequel, Ryan once again proves her strong presence in the romance writing world as she knows how to hook, captivate, and satisfy her loyal readers. — TeriLynReviews

“I’m speechless by the richness of this story. It will leave you breathless. The beauty, the love and the struggles are truly intoxicating and addicting.” — Shamika, Sticky Reads

“This story is an ode to what a real relationship should be like between two people, acceptance, brutal honesty at times, respect, forgiveness, but above all, love that surpasses all the mistakes we make along the way.” — Janett, The Pleasure of Reading


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