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Erika Kelly’s Rock Star Romance Series

You Really Got Me

I Want You to Want Me

Take Me Home Tonight (Release early 2016)

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The first irresistible novel in a hot new series about a rock star on his way up—and the woman he wants to take all the way…

Emmie Valencia has what it takes to be the music industry’s hottest band manager. She just needs to prove it. Determined to discover a killer new band, Emmie is ready to make her move. First stop: Austin, Texas.

As a sizzling-hot lead singer, Slater Vaughn has no trouble raising heart rates—but his band’s been flat-lining for years. When Emmie, his bandmate’s sister, crashes with them in exchange for some free management, her industry know-how lands them a spot in the biggest music festival in Texas. But it isn’t just her business acumen that catches Slater’s attention. Emmie is sexy and warm, and—for the first time in his life—he wants more.

But as irresistible as Slater is, Emmie is done with musicians. In her experience, a man can’t be a rock star and someone to trust with your heart—but Slater is determined to show her he’s both.

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From the award-winning author of You Really Got Me comes the next romance in her red-hot Rock Star Romance series, about a rocker who lives for his music—and loves with all his heart.

Derek Valencia finally has the success he’s worked so hard for. His band is touring its debut album and great reviews are rolling in. But when pictures of him tossing naked groupies off a balcony go viral, it’s damage-control time. He’s assigned a “babysitter” whose sole job is to keep him out of trouble.

Violet Davis swore she’d never work in the music industry again, but being a minder for a rock star will earn her enough to pay off the mortgage on her wildflower farm. And for a girl brought up in the foster care system, owning her own home means more to her than anything.

Though at first the two bang heads, the rocker and the farm girl soon grow close and realize that they make sweet music together. But can a girl who craves the stability of life on a farm really make it work with a man whose life is spent on the road with his band?

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A rocker gets a taste of unexpected passion in the latest red-hot Rock Star Romance from the award-winning author of I Want You to Want Me.

Calix Bourbon might seem like a free spirit, but that’s all a front. In reality he’s just trying to keep his fractured family together while working as a session musician. When Blue Fire hires him to replace their keyboardist, Calix is determined to make the most of the opportunity—but he can’t help being distracted by the band’s sexy personal chef.

Mimi’s temporary gig is great, but she has her heart set on auditioning for a televised cooking show. There’s just one problem: she only has a week to acquire the skills necessary to survive the competition. Luckily, the band’s new keyboard player can teach her exactly what she needs, in the kitchen and in the bedroom…


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You Really Got Me

She turned on the faucet, fingers flicking under the flow. “Come over here.” She motioned for him to get his hair wet.

Leaning over the sink, he shifted until the stream of warm water hit the top of his head. She pulled out the side spray faucet, gently moving it around, saturating his scalp. Their bare thighs brushed together, hers so smooth, and he could imagine grasping them, spreading them, gaining access to her slick heat. When her fingers slowly scraped along his scalp, desire shot through him with such potency he jerked his head up, banging into the faucet.

“Shit.” Heat flooded him, and the moment she handed him the towel, he draped it over his head so she wouldn’t see his reaction to her.

Her hands landed on his head, as if to help dry his hair. He pushed her away. “I got it.”

“Okay, but don’t dry it too much. We need it wet.”

He whipped it off his head, and she led him to the chair. Once he was settled, she draped the damp towel around his shoulders.

Softly, gently, she ran a comb through his hair, smoothing it, straightening it. Desire spread, a slow burn, making his dick harden and his balls ache. Her fingers gathered small sections of his hair, and he could hear the quiet snick of the scissors. She hummed the Piper Lee tune.

He wanted to make a joke, ask why she wasn’t humming one of his songs, but he literally couldn’t speak. Couldn’t move. He was totally and completely caught up in her.

When she came around to stand in front of him, he spread his legs so she could step closer to his head. And there were her breasts again, gently bouncing with each short, quick motion. No barber in his life had ever made cutting his hair so erotic. Each time she finished a cut, she scraped the comb through, then sifted her fingers back into it, lifting a small section, all the while humming and swaying her hips.

He wanted to sweep his hands across her abdomen, trace the soft undersides of her breasts with his thumbs. If he didn’t get to feel the weight of those breasts in his hands, he might go mad. His mouth watered to taste her neck, his hands flexed to keep from cupping her ass. He wanted to bring her down onto his lap so he could finally, finally grind his aching, throbbing cock against her.

Slater snapped. Abruptly, he grabbed her ass, sliding his hands between her legs. His thighs snapped together and he set her down so she straddled him. She exhaled, looking startled and a little scared. His hands dug into the delicious flesh of her ass, holding her tightly in place.

It took everything he had not to suck those pretty pink lips into his mouth, slide his tongue inside, and relieve all this want. He wanted to feel her fingers clutching him, her arms pulling him closer.

He closed his eyes and breathed her in. And then he leaned toward her, his mouth at her ear. “I can smell you.”

She sucked in a breath, her muscles tightening, her body pulling away. But he held her firmly.

“I think it wouldn’t take much to show you just how wild you can be. I think if I slipped my hand underneath your little cotton shorts, I’d find you wet for me. I bet your juicy pussy would like my fingers inside you, and you’d be squirming on my lap, and in about a minute your body would go off like a rocket.”

Her breathing sounded labored. She arched her back, bringing those sweet nipples right up to his bare chest. Close, but not touching.

“But I’m not going to be the man that makes you go wild. And not because you’re Derek’s sister. And not because Derek’s right about me. He’s not. It’s because while I do, on some level, like your vision of sharing my life with a girl in a cottage on the river, it’s not something I would even contemplate for years. Because I’m going to become the rock legend my dad groomed me to be. I’m going to play stadiums, tour the world, make acceptance speeches, and give interviews. And nothing—not even a pretty, sexy girl who tempts me like no one else ever has—is going to sway me.”

She stilled. Her breathing erratic.

He was glad he’d finally put it out there. No doubt he’d put an end to the whole braless thing every day. He’d probably hurt her, but it had to be done. They couldn’t keep torturing each other. He’d done the right thing.

But instead of getting off his lap, she leaned forward, mimicking what he’d just done by whispering into his ear. “I can see your arousal.”

Desire raged so fast and hard, his whole body tightened, blood surging into his cock. He shifted his shorts to better conceal the hard-on tenting them.

She licked her lips. “I can see how badly you need to release all that pent-up lust. But I’m not going to be the woman who gives you the release you so desperately need. And it’s not because I’m not attracted to you. You know I am.” Her hips tilted forward, rolling on his thighs.

He could feel the heat of her, and he didn’t think he could stand one more second not being inside her. Her expression, more sultry than any of the seductive women he’d ever met in his life, nearly gave him a heart attack.

Her breath at his ear singed his skin. “You know I can’t sleep at night for wanting you so badly. And you can probably guess what I do to make myself fall asleep.  I have to kick off the covers, close my eyes, and pretend you’re there while I touch myself, imagining it’s your mouth, your hands on me.” She sighed. “But I’m not going to give you that release because, while I do want to know what it would feel like to have you in my bed, it’s not something I would even consider because I would never risk my heart to a virgin.”

He pulled back to look at her. Was she joking? What could she possibly mean?

“You may have screwed a hundred different women, come thousands of times in your life, but you’ve never once made love. You don’t know what it feels like to come inside the body of the woman you are madly…”

She brushed her lips over his cheek, rocking her hips gently on his thighs.

“Desperately.” She said it all breathy and seductive.

Her mouth brushed his ear, making him harder than he’d ever been in his life.

“In love with. So you’ll only ever skim the surface of your sexuality, much the same way you’ll only ever skim the surface of your life since you’re so set on living your dad’s idea of happiness and not your own. Why would I ever waste my love, my desire, my longing, on a man who’s only living a half-life? I want a man who knows himself, knows what he wants, and lives a life that’s completely and utterly authentic. Not some guy chasing someone else’s dream.”

She leaned back. “Now, do you want the haircut or not?”

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Award-winning author Erika Kelly has been spinning romantic tales all her life—she just didn’t know it. Raised on the classics, she didn’t discover romantic fiction until later in life. From that moment on, she’s been devouring the genre and has found her true voice as an author. Over three decades she’s written poems, screenplays, plays, short stories, and all kinds of women’s fiction novels. Married to the love of her life and raising four children, she’s lived in two countries and seven states, but give her pen and paper, a stack of good books, and a steaming mug of vanilla chai latte and she can make her home anywhere.




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