?Hearts in Darkness ? By Laura Kaye

Hearts in Darkness

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Two strangers…

Makenna James thinks her day can’t get any worse, until she finds herself stranded in a pitch-black elevator with a complete stranger. Distracted by a phone call, the pin-striped accountant catches only a glimpse of a dragon tattoo on his hand before the lights go out.

Four hours…

Caden Grayson is amused when a harried redhead dashes into his elevator fumbling her bags and cell phone. His amusement turns to panic when the power fails. Despite his piercings, tats, and vicious scar, he’s terrified of the dark and confined spaces. Now, he’s trapped in his own worst nightmare.

One pitch-black elevator…

To fight fear, they must reach out and open up. With no preconceived notions based on looks to hold them back, they discover just how much they have in common. In the warming darkness, attraction grows and sparks fly, but will they feel the same when the lights come back on?


Kristys Review (2)6 StarsThis book is incredible, brilliant even. Seriously, Laura Kaye gives a master class on how to write a novella. How she manages to build a beautiful, compelling, believable love story with fully developed characters in what amounts to a 12 hour time span is simply remarkable. I LOVE this book. Caden and McKenna are both amazing characters and so completely engaging. You will root for these two, you will love these two, you believe these two characters both as individuals and as a couple.

I’ve probably read this book 10 times, maybe more. It is my 100% guaranteed go to recommendation when friends are looking for something great to read. I’ve gifted and loaned this book dozens of times and EVERY SINGLE PERSON has agreed that is was wonderful. Easily in my TOP 10 books of all time. (Not exaggerating). You want this book.

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