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❣❣ RELEASE BLITZ & Review❣❣ LIE WITH ME by M. Never

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Lie With Me

Release Day: November 27, 2015

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4 Star Review


Tell me a secret…

 CJ Carmichael hasn’t been able to get the vivacious blonde he spent four delirious days with off his mind. The blonde who was completely off-limits, but he couldn’t deny.

Tell me a secret…

CJ had no intention of pursuing her, but Tara Stevens knew what she wanted and it was him. Now six months later, their time together still haunts him. As much as he’s tried to talk himself out of seeing her again, the craving is just too powerful.

Tell me a secret…
Tara is more than willing to spend an entire fantasy weekend with CJ. More than willing to hand herself over to him completely and fulfill his every desire. More than willing to pretend he owns her despite their age difference and Kayne’s disapproval.
Tell me a secret…
Sometimes fantasy becomes a reality. Sometimes people fall in love before they even know it- before they even know each other- and after its too late.
Tell me a secret…
Sometimes, beneath the sweetest secrets are the most deceptive lies.




I let her rest as I take off my clothes. Once I’ve discarded my shirt and pants, I take the liberty of removing her underwear. What little is left of the stretched out, saturated material. “Don’t get comfortable. We’re not done yet.” I pull her up by the hand.

“I never said anything about being done.” She peers up at me. Round two is right around the corner.

“I missed that mouth.” I run my thumb along her bottom lip.

“What else did you miss?” She flutters her eyelashes.

“Your eyes.” Tara looks up at me surprised. Not the answer she was expecting?

“I missed your laugh,” she tells me timidly. “And the way you used to make me laugh.”

“Can I tell you a secret?” I ask, holding her chin. Tara nods. “I missed that, too. The most. I promise while I’m here, I’ll make you laugh as much as I make you come.”

“That sounds good to me.” I pull her to her feet and kiss her crazily. Running my hands through her hair until it’s a mess and our bodies are as close as they can possibly be.

“Go lean on the windowsill,” I tell her headily. Along the entire length of the windows in the bedroom is a ledge about a foot and a half deep. “Leave the boots on.”

Tara smiles puckishly. “You like?”

I grab the top part of the black boot that reaches halfway up her thigh. “I love. And I’m going to love them even more when I’m fucking you in them.” I tug roughly, kissing her. “Go.”

Kristys Review (2)4 Star ReviewThe Decadence after Dark series is one of me very favorite from this year, so I was excited to be back in that universe.  We met Tara and CJ in the previous books and we got the tiniest taste of them at Kayne and Ellie’s wedding.  But yeah…that was just a tiny little taste.  Due to a 10 year age difference and Kayne’s disapproval, these two know they have no future together….but they really can’t get past their 4 days together.  Then Jett gives CJ a brilliant idea….go to New York and get Tara out of his system.  Easier said than done.  And when Tara’s secrets come to light CJ realizes heading back to Hawaii is not happening any time soon.

M. Never writes some crazy sexy books and this one is no exception.  It’s a different kind of sexy than the first three books of the series….but that only adds to this story.  Repetition is boring and this book is anything but.  CJ is so different than the other boys and it makes him so damn HOT.  Tara is unique too…she knows what turns her on and she embraces it fully. She’s also spectacularly independent but she is also an odd mix of confident and insecure.  It’s actually quite refreshing.

This book was the perfect balance of sex, romance, intrigue, mystery, and danger.  And the balance is key….I read romance and OK…I’m just going to say it…Smut….I read smut.  I don’t really read mysteries or suspense, but in this book the suspense is done right.  It adds to the romance, it increases the sexiness, it doesn’t detract from them.

But at it’s core, this book is exactly what I love…a romance.  A hot sexy love story that will have you coming back for more.  Bring on Jett…..




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About M. Never
M. Never resides in New York City. When she’s not researching ways to tie up her characters in compromising positions, you can usually find her at the gym kicking the crap out of a punching bag, or eating at some new trendy restaurant.
She has a dependence on sushi and a fetish for boots. Fall is her favorite season.
She is surrounded by family and friends she wouldn’t trade for the world and is a little in love with her readers.


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Hearts of Blue By LH Cosway *** Blog tour + Review ***

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Happy Release Day to L.H. Conway and her new book HEARTS OF BLUE. Take a sneak peek into the book below and make sure to enter the giveaway. As a special treat, the author is having a poll on her FB page asking readers to pick a scene from the book that they would like to read from the hero’s POV. Stop by her page to vote and the scene that gets the most votes by the end of the Release Week Event will be posted on the author’s blog at a later date. Vote HERE!

hearts of blue


She upholds the law. He breaks it.

Two blue hearts, both alike in bravery
In not-so-fair London, where we lay our scene
From gun crime to petty theft
Where family is blood and survival makes hands unclean
In this place, we find two hearts who should be foes
And yet, amidst the turmoil their love still grows
Misadventure abounds and the divide will bring them strife
But with luck, death doesn’t always mean an end to life.

Hearts of Blue is a standalone contemporary romance that tells the story of star-crossed lovers Karla Sheehan and Lee Cross, a police constable and the thief who steals her heart.

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Lee didn’t answer, and instead he took a step forward, forcing me to back up if I didn’t want us to collide. The problem with this meant my back hit the wall a moment later.

“You’re so pretty, Snap,” he said, voice low, as he dropped his face to my hair and breathed in.

I wasn’t wearing a hat, and my hair was tied up in a bun. My entire body trembled when he wrapped his arms around my waist, inhaled deeply and pulled me into a hug. This was a distraction, I knew it, and yet, I let him distract me. I wanted to be distracted, and I was just glad that the blinds in his office had been pulled.

Standing in his embrace for at least a minute with silence all around us, I was unable to move. I liked having Lee close, loved the feel of him and how he could make feel so…surrounded. Despite all the warning signs, my attraction to him only grew stronger. There was just something about him that called to me.


His mouth moved against my hair. “What is it, Karla?”

“Why are you hugging me?”

“You looked like you needed to be held.” His response was low, and the affectionate undertone had me swallowing deeply. At long last I summoned the willpower to break the hug. His arms fell away from me easily, my stomach churning with confusion. What the hell was I doing?

I stared at the floor when I spoke. “I have to go.”

Heading for the door, I paused when he said gently, “Hey, I needed it, too.”



L.H. Cosway has a BA in English Literature and Greek and Roman Civilisation, and an MA in Postcolonial Literature. She lives in Dublin city. Her inspiration to write comes from music. Her favourite things in life include writing stories, vintage clothing, dark cabaret music, food, musical comedy, and of course, books.

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Wenn’s Review

4 Stars

This is my first book by LH Cosway and it won’t be the last.

I love everything in this book, the storyline – this forbidden love story – was well written and left you on your toes.

Karla is a police constable, coming from a family where her father thinks she is not worthy of his love, where family doesn’t mean a lot.
Lee on the other hand is a thief, on the other side of the law. But his family is what drives him, he’ll do anything for his brothers.

Lee was swoony as hell and very persistent in his quest to woo Karla but in such a caring way it was almost impossible not to fall for this bad boy. Sure, he is not one of those good boys who you can easily introduce to your parents but his heart was pure.

At first, I didn’t really get the hot and cold behavior Karla had toward Lee but a few pages in I understood why she was this way. She only saw the top of the iceberg, the tainted reputation he had, but everything he did was for his family, for his loved ones.

Their encounters were so hot, I had to stop reading at work!!! You know when your breathing fasten in anticipation… Well it can’t go unnoticed in my office.

I’m very grateful that I got to receive an ARC of this book. I loved it!


L.H. Cosway Hearts of Blue Release Week Giveaway


Six of Hearts

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Hearts of Fire

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King of Hearts

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ೋ ೋ COVER REVEAL ೋ ೋ SAVED BY HIM by Michelle Horst


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 ❥SAVED BY HIM, A Monster Novel by Michelle Horst is coming DEC 7th

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I’m only good for sex.
That’s what I’ve been trained for my whole life.
I’m a puppet.
I only know how to be your perfect fantasy.
It’s the only life I’ve ever known.
…until him.


I protect.
That’s all I know.
I’m the best at my job.
Life is fucked up, that’s my reality.
…until her.

 Authors Note and WARNING: Monster is a work of fiction intended for adult readers above 18. It contains dark and sensitive subject matter that may make readers uncomfortable.

Contains explicit language and descriptions of sexual situations.

The girl in black lingerie for a wet glass on a black background.

young woman in the rain


Michelle Horst
~Hope is the heartbeat of your soul and Faith lightens the path your shadowed mind has to walk ~ M.H. 😉
Twitter: @MichelleAHorst

Money Shot by Scott Hildreth Release Blitz

Scott Hildreth
Date: November 23, 2015
Selected Sinners MC, Book 6
Designer: Jessica Hildreth
If someone would have told me there was a fully patched member of a one percent Motorcycle Club that read romance novels and was a true romantic, I wouldn’t have believed them, but one sure existed.
I met him by chance one night when he ran out of gas and rang my doorbell.
Covered in tattoos and muscles, he stood on my porch asking for a favor. He was a Selected Sinner, a debt collector for drug dealers, a criminal, a thug, and loved to fight. He was quick to draw his knife and quicker to pull his gun. His temper was short, his beard was long, and he was as handsome as any man I had ever seen.
To hear him talk about the lost art of love made my legs go weak. I was sure he was a phony, a wannabe, a fake, and a player.
So I stuck around for a while to see if he was exactly who he said he was.
And he took me for the ride of my life.
I’m Sienna, and I review romance novels. This is the story of when I met the man who most women would describe as a unicorn.
I just called him Vince.






in San Diego California, Scott now calls Wichita, Kansas home. Residing in
Kansas with his wife, Jessica, and six children, he somehow finds twelve hours
a day to work on his writing.
Addicted to riding his Harley-Davidson, tattoos, and drinking coffee, Scott can
generally be found in a tattoo shop, on his Harley, or in a local coffee house
when not writing.Loyal to the fans, fan girls, and faithful followers who allowed him to make
writing a full-time career, Scott communicates with his followers on Facebook
almost daily. He encourages his readers to follow him on Facebook and
Face book “OFFICIAL LIKE” page – (for updates on released books and upcoming
books) Author Page – (currently at 5,000 friend limit, but Scott invites you
to come enjoy his contests, giveaways, and playful book banter) Author Page – Fangroup –

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Some Sort Of Crazy by Melanie Harlow *** Blog Tour ***

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Some Sort of Crazy Cover HH Blurb


When a psychic tells Natalie Nixon her life is about to be upended by a mysterious stranger, she laughs it off. After all, she has everything she’s ever wanted—a successful bakery, the perfect boyfriend, and the keys to her dream house.

Who could possibly make her want to throw all that away?

Then Miles Haas comes back to town.

But he’s no stranger—they’ve known each other since high school. Plus, he’s only around for the summer, he’s still a shameless playboy, and he makes a living writing articles for a men’s magazine with titles like ‘Should You Bang the Boss’s Daughter? A Flowchart’ and ‘Butt Stuff for Beginners: A Field Guide.’

He’s not the man of her dreams, and she’s not about to abandon everything she’s worked so hard for just for a little fun. Except he makes her laugh like no one else, smells like heaven, and wears panty-melting glasses.


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Some Sort of Crazy Teaser





The light was off in my room when I returned, and I could barely make out her shape under the blanket. Leaving my glasses on the bedside table, I slid between the sheets, careful to stay on my side. When was the last time a woman slept in my bed without orgasms being involved? I couldn’t think of one time, actually. I didn’t even know what to do with myself.

I lay there for a while on my back, hands beneath my head, breathing slowly and deeply, trying to stay calm. But I could smell her perfume, and it was making me hard again. Fuck! Was she asleep already? Could I rub one out without her knowing? I braved a look at her, and my eyes had adjusted to the dark enough to see that she was facing away from me, curled up on her side. Long, agonizing, minutes ticked by, during which I imagined rubbing my cock along the crack of her ass, which was sticking out in my direction. Taunting me.

“I lied to you last night.” Her voice was so soft, I thought I might have imagined it. Or dreamed it.

“Huh?” Stop thinking about her ass.

She rolled to her other side and faced me, tucking her hands beneath her cheek. “I lied last night. I told you I didn’t remember what you said to me the night we said goodbye. The night before you left for school.”

I blinked in surprise. “Oh.”

“Did you really mean the things you said?”

“Of course I meant them. I stand by every word I’ve ever said to you.” And my cock is standing straight up right now. So if you could please stop being beautiful and sexy and vulnerable, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

She took a shuddery breath. “And yet…tonight, you wouldn’t—”

“Tonight was not about us, Natalie.”

“But…what if it was?” She paused. “What if it could be?”

Fuck, was she serious? Because I wanted that. I wanted a night that was just about us, wanted to show her what it was like to be with someone who appreciated her. Just one night, even if it was all we ever had. But I couldn’t be the one to initiate it, not without knowing it was really OK.

“Natalie,” I started, but she interrupted me.

“I’m lying here thinking, a week ago my life seemed so complete, everything in order. My relationship. My business. My house. I had everything I wanted.”

“And now?”

“Now I feel like I’ve been missing something. Like maybe I was wrong about what I wanted. I feel…lost.” She looked at me with her huge, round blue eyes, making my whole body heat up.

“You’re not lost.” Rolling onto my side, I met her forehead with mine. “You’re right here with me.”

And I kissed her. Just like that, I kissed her.

Other Books by this Author


Some sort of Happy

.99 Cents for a Limited Time

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About the Author


Melanie Harlow likes her martinis dry, her lipstick red, and her history with the naughty bits left in. When she’s not reading good books, she gets her kicks from TV series like Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Masters of Sex, Deadwood, Mad Men, and Downtown Abbey (although she wishes it were more HBO and less PBS). Melanie is the author of the FRENCHED contemporary romance series (FRENCHED, YANKED, FORKED) and the sexy historical series SPEAK EASY (SPEAK EASY, SPEAK LOW), set in the 1920s. She lifts her glass to romance readers and writers from her home near Detroit, MI, where she lives with her husband and two daughters.


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Freed by Him by GL Chapple ❥¸.•´*¨`*•✿Blog Tour❥¸.•´*¨`*•✿


12250802_963448587061349_892018408_o (1)

Title: Freed by Him

Series: Fighting Free Series

Author: GL Chapple

Genre: Contemporary Romance / Suspense

Release date: November 19th 2015


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He hurt me

He broke me

He almost destroyed me

Nobody was ever going to do that to me again. I learnt to fight back. I made myself tougher, harder, stronger. I didn’t want or need anyone.

Until Nate Masters.

Until he made me feel, want and need

Then my carefully constructed world began falling apart around me. Secrets shattering my faith in those closest to me and with the nightmare from my past pushing its way back into my present, I don’t know how much strength I have left to fight with….

Could I trust him? Give someone the power to hurt me again? He’s determined to break me free from behind my walls of self-preservation.

I’m just not sure I’m ready or willing to be Freed by Him….

***This book is suitable for readers 17yrs and over due to adult content***

FM Teaser 2





“I’m capable of taking care of myself, you know!”

He smirked at me looking amused. “Sweetheart, I’ve seen you in action so that’s not up for

debate, but no fucker is gonna put his hands on you like that when I’m around.”

I lifted my chin at him in defiance. “What’s it gotta do with you?” I sounded like a petulant

teenager, but he just grinned at me, his arrogance riling me up further. “We’ll see”

He pushed me back toward the table before addressing Christian and Maddie, “I’m gonna take

her home.” He indicated at me with a jerk of his head and I exploded, my temper finally

getting its release after the arsehole on the dancefloor.

“Excuse me! I’m right here! I’ll go home when I damn well please, not when you say, who the

bloody hell do you think you are!” He grinned at me and rolled his eyes, infuriating me

almost to the point of combustion.

Maddie pulled herself upright into a sitting position, trying to extricate herself from

Christian’s grasp. “We’re going now too. C’mon Lee I’ll come as well” Maddie tried to pacify

me but Nate shook his head.

“You guys stay, or go together. Whatever,” He shrugged. “I’m taking Lena”

Maddie’s eyes flicked to me uncertainly as I looked at him stunned, trying to think of a

response more eloquent than “Fuck off!”

Maddie started to speak, but Christian whispered in her ear just as Nate cut her off. “It’s not a

request. I’ll have her text you”

His playfulness from earlier had been replaced by a cool confident authority. I gaped at him

as he spoke to her. As he turned back to me I met him with a face like thunder, which caused

a huge grin to break across his face again.

I glanced back at Maddie for help, expecting her to be outraged at Nate’s behaviour but she

was smirking at me, looking somewhat impressed with him. Trust her to be taken in with the

caveman behaviour.

I felt like stamping my foot and shouting. This is not how I was used to being treated. This

was not how I allowed myself to be treated. I was a grown woman of nearly 25; I did what I

wanted when I wanted. I was practically running a company for God’s sake.

As if sensing my newfound resolve Nate cocked an eyebrow at me a small smile playing on

his lips as he leaned in “Don’t make me throw you over my shoulders Princess. There are a

number of ways you can make your exit but you should know every one of them involves
me” He winked at me looking relaxed, an arrogant smirk on his face. I scowled back but

allowed him to lead me from the bar.

The cold night air hit me and I realised how unsteady on my feet I felt.

He was beside me in an instant. “If I’d have known I’d be taking you home I’d have brought a

jacket” He said with a smile as he gently rubbed my arms before wrapping his own around

me in a warm embrace.

I stood tucked inside his arms, my back pressed close to his chest while we waited for a taxi.

“If I’d known you’d be taking me home I’d have stayed in,” I quipped back and he laughed, a

deep rumbling sound that had me grinning in spite of myself.

♫ Slide ♫ by T. Gephart Release Boost & Review


 5 Star Review


 Title: Slide

Series: Black Addiction #1

Author: T. Gephart

Genre: Rock Star Romance

 Release Date: November 16, 2015


 Touring as an opening act for a huge rock band and landing a record contract means you’ve hit the big time, right?

Sadly, neither of those things gave Rusty Crawford, lead guitarist of the band Black Addiction, worldwide fame and fortune. Which was a shame because he had the lifestyle down to a fine art—without the clichéd stint in rehab.

Even being back in the Bronx, paying his dues didn’t rattle the charismatic axe man, ladies loved him and men wanted to be him. Fate would just have to catch up. Seemed like fate had more than just a platinum album planned for his future.

Alison Williams had the perfect life. Or at least she did until her world came crashing down around her, in the most epic way.

With her future no longer a certainty she finds herself out of her comfort zone and into unchartered territory—a place where Rusty Crawford likes to spend most of his time.

Will the charming and ridiculously hot rock god help her find her feet, or send her further down the rabbit hole? One thing was for sure; both of them were in for the ride of their lives.

 Kristys review5 Star ReviewMy expectations for this book were so damn high and the problem with really high expectations is sometimes it’s kind of hard to live up to them.  I mean, Rusty was almost (was completely) my favorite part of Back Stage (the last book of the Power Station series and the first time we meet Rusty) and I was beyond excited that he was getting his own book (his own series).  This was my most anticipated book of the year so when it showed up on my Kindle I was ecstatic (nervous) and I shoved everything else aside (kids, work, life) to dive in head first.
Guess what? Rusty did not live up to my expectations……he EXCEEDED them, he blew them away, he made me forget all the rockers that came before him (well, not Dan Evans, I didn’t forget Dan Evans…the (lovable) douche) by being completely different from every rocker that came before him.  Rusty is gorgeous, sexy, smart as hell, funny, confident (yeah I know…him and every other rocker), but he’s so much more than that.  He’s calm, steady, laid back, loyal beyond belief and so damn sure of everything.  God I was in love with Rusty from page 1 right through the last word (moves).
Alison was a great female lead, probably because she was so real.  Her life sucks (understatement of the year) but I adored the way Ali handled everything thrown her way….. no whining, no feeling sorry for herself, no blaming (her douchbag ex was totally blameworthy) she just moved forward, moved on…blow after blow.  I love a female character that can man up! (woman up?)
The best part about this book?  The thing that sets this book above so many others…’s NOT predicable.  It surprised me.  It zigged when I was sure it was going to zag.  This book could have so easily been a cliche (a rock n’ roll cliche…the worst kind), it had all the components in place, but then….guess what?
It chose NOT to be!!
♪ ♪ It CHOSE not to be a rock cliche!! ♪♪
I freaking LOVED that.
(and by IT   I mean T. Gephart who chose not to write a cliche.  God I love her for that)
The second best part about this book was no stupid, fake manufactured angst (I despise manufactured angst).  There is real angst (some) and real conflict and real life situations, but no stupid fake nonsense.  (Thank you for that T. Gephart, thank you for being better than that).
Here’s the thing….this book is amazing for everything it is and for everything it’s NOT.  It’s just a damn good story….it’s not a soap opera.  It’s smart likable, relate-able characters….it’s not douche bags and prima donnas.  It’s a believable love story….it’s not insta-love and starry eyes.  It’s all my expectations (did I mention they were high) met and exceeded…it’s not anything I expected but it’s everything I hoped it would be.
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“Hello, ladies.” His voice purred, sending vibrations through my body.

It was him. My beautiful mystery man. The one who I’d seen plenty but never spoken to. He was standing in front of me, smiling.

In hindsight, I shouldn’t have been so surprised. There weren’t many bars in our little neighborhood where you didn’t need a Hep C shot before you entered. This particular establishment promised an impressive beer menu without the risk of a communicable disease, so it would stand to reason he would know about it too.

“Hi.” Was all I was able to manage, convinced he was probably talking to someone else. Perhaps he meant the Amazonian redhead who was sitting to my left, openly staring—that would make a hell of a lot of more sense. They could probably shoot joint commercials for teeth whitener and make adorable, if not freakishly tall, children together.

“I couldn’t help but notice your friend stole your drink. Ordinarily I’d overlook such thievery, but I’d hate for there to be a brawl in my favorite bar. So in the interest of keeping the peace, I’d like to replace it for you.” His voice smooth, as was his delivery. I had to remember to breathe.

“She wasn’t going to drink it, but you can totally buy her another drink,” Renee answered before I’d gotten the chance. Her smile widened as she turned to face me and mouthed the words “he’s hot.” She needn’t have bothered; his hotness was not something that needed to be confirmed.

“That’s okay, I’m good.” Thankfully words came out of my mouth even if they sounded in no way intelligent.

“Well, glad to hear you’re good. Nice to meet you, my name is Rusty.” He smiled as he moved in closer, his hand signaling the bartender. “What were you drinking?”

In what I can only explain as temporary insanity—probably from the shock of having the beautiful man talking to me—I blurted out, “I have a boyfriend.”

I officially wanted to die.

While I did have a boyfriend, and hopefully in a few hours I would be moving into his upscale apartment, there was no reason to announce it so dramatically. Almost as if to prove that I hadn’t secretly fantasized about him while in the shower every day this week—which I had. Sweat prickled at my brow.

“Is that some code for you’re not thirsty?” Rusty’s lips curved in amusement. While the words weren’t sexy, the humor in his voice was a definite turn on, a hot button straight to my libido as he stood there grinning at me.

“No, I-I just mean I can’t accept . . .” What was the word again? “A drink from you.” Yes, that’s what I wanted to say. “Or . . . or anyone else. N-not just you.” My mouth tried to regain some composure. It really wasn’t doing a great job.

“Well, would you look at the time? I have a thing, wouldn’t want to be late.” Renee tapped her naked wrist—her watch missing in action, as was her tact. “Call me, Ali.” She gave me a hug and whispered, “If you don’t screw this guy, you’re dead to me.” And just like that, she evaporated from the room.


“Your friend always bail on you like that, Ali?” Rusty’s voice curled seductively around my name as he smiled, moving to the barstool Renee had vacated.

 “It’s Alison.” Ali was just too personal, like him kissing me on the mouth. I totally would not have been okay with that. Mostly.

Author Bio

 T Gephart is an indie author from Melbourne, Australia.

T’s approach to life has been somewhat unconventional. Rather than going to University, she jumped on a plane to Los Angeles, USA in search of adventure. While this first trip left her somewhat underwhelmed and largely depleted of funds it fueled her appetite for travel and life experience.

With a rather eclectic resume, which reads more like the fiction she writes than an actual employment history, T struggled to find her niche in the world.

While on a subsequent trip the United States in 1999, T met and married her husband. Their whirlwind courtship and interesting impromptu convenience store wedding set the tone for their life together, which is anything but ordinary. They have lived in Louisiana, Guam and Australia and have traveled extensively throughout the US. T has two beautiful young children and one four legged child, Woodley, the wonder dog.

An avid reader, T became increasingly frustrated by the lack of strong female characters in the books she was reading. She wanted to read about a woman she could identify with, someone strong, independent and confident and who didn’t lack femininity. Out of this need, she decided to pen her first book, A Twist of Fate. T set herself the challenge to write something that was interesting, compelling and yet easy enough to read that was still enjoyable. Pulling from her own past “colorful” experiences and the amazing personalities she has surrounded herself with, she had no shortage of inspiration. With a strong slant on erotic fiction, her core characters are empowered women who don’t have to sacrifice their femininity. She enjoyed the process so much that when it was over she couldn’t let it go.

T loves to travel, laugh and surround herself with colorful characters. This inevitably spills into her writing and makes for an interesting journey – she is well and truly enjoying the ride!

Based on her life experiences, T has plenty of material for her books and has a wealth of ideas to keep you all enthralled.

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Freed By Him by GL Chapple


Buy Freed by him on AMAZON

☆.•°*°•.☆ Release Blitz ☆.•°*°•.☆
Title: Freed by Him
Series: Fighting Free Series
Author: GL Chapple
Genre: Contemporary Romance / Suspense
Release date: November 19th 2015


He hurt me
He broke me
He almost destroyed me
Nobody was ever going to do that to me again. I learnt to fight back. I made myself tougher, harder, stronger. I didn’t want or need anyone.
Until Nate Masters.
Until he made me feel, want and need
Then my carefully constructed world began falling apart around me. Secrets shattering my faith in those closest to me and with the nightmare from my past pushing its way back into my present, I don’t know how much strength I have left to fight with…
Could I trust him? Give someone the power to hurt me again? He’s determined to break me free from behind my walls of self preservation
I’m just not sure I’m ready or willing to be Freed by Him….

***Due to possible ‘triggers’ and adult nature of this book it is not intended for those under 18.

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He looked over at me, annoyance on his features. “Last time you had sex with a woman?” he demanded.
I spluttered “Gramps! You want me to tell you the last time I was with a woman?” I asked incredulously.
“I’m not interested in the last time you gave your wrist a work out!” He deadpanned, and I barked out a laugh at him,
“Jesus, Gramps! Can’t you be like other old men?!” I shook my head at him but he still looked at me, waiting.
“Bloody hell” I cursed, cringing knowing that he wouldn’t let the conversation go.
“I dunno why you feel the need to know, 6 days ago. Satisfied?”
He fixed me with a stare. “You trying to be funny, boy? I’ve not been satisfied for nearly two weeks. I’m a grown man who fought for his bloody country, and if I want…”
I interrupted his rant. “Wait! How’d you get it two weeks ago?” I looked at him puzzled, and a slow grin spread over his face.
“Betty stays here quite regularly, boy. We were just unlucky last night, in that the silly old witch next door fell over.”

I’m currently a SAHM to two little ones. I live in Wales in the UK and spend a huge amount of time at the beach, despite our climate…
I don’t drink any hot drinks despite trying my best to make myself like coffee! I love reading – obviously, writing and music, and hot sunny days which we never get enough of!
I’ve dreamed of writing my whole life and would often pen short stories as a child. Unfortunately, life took over and reading and writing were forced to take a back seat for the last few years. Until my husband bought me a kindle last Christmas, and well, suddenly everything changed…

Favorite Author on the Planet Cover Reveal !!! GRIT (A Dirty Sequel) by Cheryl McIntyre

Cheryl McIntyre
(A Dirty Sequel)
Publication date: December 29th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance

Link and Rocky’s story continues.

Three. This is my number. The sum of reasons why I continue to go on.

One: She needs me.

Two: I have to protect her.

And three: With her, I feel human.

But the weight of a man’s secrets is a thousand pounds on his shoulders. Two thousand more on his chest. Trapping him.

Crushing him.

My secrets are slaughtering me.

Fear and regret—of what I’ve done, of whom I’ve become, and of what I’ve let go—are dragging me into a hole, and I can’t claw my way out.

The deeper I sink, the farther I push her away.

The farther she goes, the more my mind spirals. Down into a black abyss. It’s dark here. So damn dark.

She needs to know what I’ve done. I have to tell her. But how can I battle the darkness if I lose my light?

This is what my life is now. I’m a shadow of a man in a scarred body, longing to live again.



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Author Bio:

Cheryl McIntyre is the author of the bestselling Sometimes Never series, as well as the Dirty series, Infinitely, Dark Calling, and HARD. She resides in Ohio with her high school sweetheart, their two sons, one daughter, one fur son, and a hamster.

You can follow her author page on Facebook where she lives part time. On Goodreads. On Twitter, though she has not yet mastered the art of tweeting. On Amazon. On tsū. Or on her website. You can also join her newsletter to receive information about new releases and current sales.

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♫ My Soul to Keep ♫ Review and Excerpt by Kennedy Ryan

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5 Star ReviewSynopsis

It seems the things worth keeping are often the hardest to hold…


I had two things in life that mattered. My mother and my music.
Mama was taken from me too soon, and now music is all I have left. It’s the thing that’s pushed me right out of backwoods Georgia into Los Angeles, where the line between fantasy and reality shimmers and blurs. I’m finally making my way, making my mark. I can’t afford to fall for one of music’s brightest stars. Not now. Music is all I have left, and I’m holding on tight with both hands. I won’t let go, not even for Rhyson Gray.


I had one thing in my life that mattered – music. The only constant, it’s taken me to heights most people only dream about; a gift dropped in my lap at birth. I thought it was enough. I thought it was everything until I met Kai. Now she’s all I think about, like a song I can’t get out of my head. If I have to chase her, if I have to give up everything – I will. And once she’s mine, I won’t let go.

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Kristys Review (2)

5 Star ReviewI loved this book.

I LOVED it !!!


I am an absolute sucker for a rockstar book and of course, that’s what put this book on my radar.  But this book ended up being like the anti-rockstar  rockstar book and I think that made me love it even more.  It was unlike any rocker book I’ve read which made it soar so far above the majority of books I come across.  I adored this entire book…..EXCEPT the fact that it’s a serial and while it ended with a resolution of sorts (not a total cliffy) there is so much more to this story and I NEED MORE.   The wait is going to be excruciating, painful even. Uggg….

But here’s what made it SPECTACULAR

The Characters

I absolutely adored the characters in this book.  Rhyson was everything you could possibly want him to be….and then he was 3 times better than that.  He was just absolute perfection, and just when I thought he might screw that up….he chose not to.  OMG I loved (love) him.  Kai is one of my favorite female leads in a VERY long time.  She is one strong, independent, amazing woman.  She works her butt off and is determined to make it on her own, without being dependent on anyone.  She’s not perfect, she makes mistakes, but she is so inspiring.  And then there are all of the other characters…San, Grady, Bris….all well rounded, engaging, and perfectly placed in the story.  Even the characters you need to hate are spectacular in their dis-likability.

The Story

I love LOVE LOVED this story, this romance, this journey for both Rhys and Kai.  It is everything you want a great romance to be…and then it’s better than that.  It feels TRUE, it feels believable, it feels authentic.  Nothing is forced or artificial, every step of the journey for these two characters will draw you in, make you feel, make you want and need and ache for them.  Even sitting here writing this review two days later I can still FEEL this book….did I mention I loved this book.  And the other thing I loved…this story just doesn’t conform.  It doesn’t take you through the usual hoops you’ve come to expect, predict even.  Instead it takes you on a completely new ride. YAY

The Writing

The writing is absolutely gorgeous.  Having never read a Kennedy Ryan book before I had no idea what to expect, but this woman was born to write.  I read a ton of books, I read a lot of good books, I even read quite a few great books.  BUT eloquence is hard to find and I crave it.  This book was beautifully eloquent like the very best song lyrics, you could tell every word was thoughtfully crafted.  This book actually took me longer to read because I kept going back to re-read paragraphs, not because I didn’t understand, but because I wanted to savor the words on the page.  This is the kind of writing that makes you go search out everything this author has ever written….yep it was that good.+

The Problem

March is too freaking far away….I need more now.


I shouldn’t have come. All the things I felt and fought, the things I suspected he felt too, he just spewed all over me. And as much as I want to be, I’m not sure I’m ready. I’ll never forget seeing my Mama in bed for days after Daddy left. And even though she got up, I suspect a part of her never left that bed, but just stayed there, waiting. We had to leave the house where she grew up and where I spent my first years, because Daddy left us with nowhere to go. Mama learned to stand on her two feet, and I’ve done the same. I just didn’t count on Rhyson sweeping me off of them.

“We’re obviously on different pages about this.” I pull my hands free and turn to leave, but he steps in front of me, blocking my grand exit. “Let’s talk later.”

“Enough talking.”

The heat of his body grabs me before his hands do. He traps my chin between two fingers, taking my mouth in a paradox of rough and tender. I want to move. To slide away from his body pressing me into the pool table. But I can’t. Not with his hand caressing my back. Not with his tongue in my mouth. Not with his erection pressing into my stomach. I can’t. I won’t. I have been denying myself this, and I’m so damn hungry. My mouth opens under his, ravenous and wet and hot. His groan vibrates against my lips.

“Yes. Good God, yes, Pep.” His words slip down my throat.

I strain up on tiptoes, clawing my fingers into his dark hair, forcing him closer. He lifts me onto the pool table, planting himself between my knees. His fingers skim my bare thigh, working up my leg until he reaches a damp patch of silk. He pushes my panties aside, rubbing his hand into the wet flesh there before sliding one long finger and then another inside of me. I rock into these fingers which have awed millions with their skill. They own me. I’m the instrument in his hands. He’s playing me. Plucking at me. Strumming me.

He tugs at the wide neck of my sweater until it falls away from my shoulder, slipping his hand in and cupping my naked breast. He brushes his fingers over my nipple, and I lose my mind and every inhibition. My head flops back and I stretch my legs wider, offering him anything he wants.

“Are you kidding me?” His question burns the vulnerable curve of my neck as he drags his lips to my shoulder. “You come here wearing no bra and think I won’t…”

He abandons the words, his dark, untidy head disappearing under my sweater, and before I have time to regain even millimeters of sanity, my nipple is in his mouth and he’s suckling me. Not gentle. Not soft. My breasts are so small, he almost eats me whole. Every draw, every suck, every bite sends a power surge to my core until my knees hold his hips in a desperate grip, and my nails rake across the flat surface of the pool table behind me.

His mouth at my breast. His fingers inside me. His clean scent surrounding me. I have nowhere to hide anymore. I am exposed. I want to spread myself wide open for him. That voice that has been telling me I can’t rely on him. I can’t trust him. I can’t need him—that voice is stunned into silence by his thorough possession of my body, by the inferno between my legs, blazing a hole right through my soul and scorching my heart.


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About Kennedy Ryan


I just can’t write about myself in third person for one more bio! I’m a wife, a mom, a writer, an advocate for families living with autism. That’s me in a nutshell. Crack the nut, and you’ll find a Southern girl gone Southern California who loves pizza and Diet Coke, and wishes she got to watch a lot more television. You can usually catch me up too late, on social media too much, or FINALLY putting a dent in my ever-growing To Be Read list!


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