Adrenaline by Sunniva Dee


Life’s the shit!
Chicks squeal over how wild and yummy I am, play their silly games trying to tie me down. But I’m free as a bird, doing what makes life life: kicking extreme-sport-ass!

I base jump, snowboard, bungee jump. I do anything for the rush.

Then, Ingela blows into town for college—a cool Swedish blast of trouble. Foulmouthed and runway-gorgeous, the girl seeps in like poison and melts the freaking brain.

To Ingela I am what chicks were to me: pastime, leisure, entertainment, pleasure. She’s killing me, and I’m digging it. There’s a new rush in town! Yeah, I hunt down my highs, and now the chase is on. I’ll catch her soon enough, just, what’s the deal with her ex?

With Ingela, sex is a dance. A slow tango where skin flows over skin. It is slick readiness, a quiet welcome. It’s smooth, warm, right, and all wrong.
On and off. On and off. Again, she’s wrecked with grief. It’s a reminder of how I destroy her, how crushed relationships shouldn’t be revived.
We’ve done this for years, now, but clearly we’re in for more.


5 Stars

So I want to be perfectly honest, something really strange happened to me when I started reading this book. I’m not sure if it was the writing style or the flow of the book or the fact that I just finished reading my favorite series of books in the history of books, but I read the first four chapters and I just couldn’t get into it. It’s not that it was bad, because based on my rating it clearly wasn’t, something was just off with me.  So I made the executive decision to put the book down read another novella in the interim and then go back and start this one over. Boy was I glad I did!!   That’s when the strange thing happened, I started over at the beginning and I loved it! I was literally wondering what the hell I had been thinking the first time because I got into it so easily the second time.  So lets chalk that up to me being off…..not the book.

I was warned before starting the book that I would love Cam, but that Ingela was hard to love.  As you can imagine, I was so pleasantly surprised to find out that for me nothing could be farther from the truth. I loved Inga, I got Inga. I completely believed Inga.  I thought she was fun and funny and feisty and had a great, dirty sense of humor. And I love a girl with a dirty sense of humor.  I loved that she went with the flow and was up for anything.  But I also felt like I completely understood her mindset when it came to the two men in her life. She liked Cam. They were great friends then they were great friends with benefits and she liked that too.  She had fun hanging with him, he made her world fun and bright.  But I also understood that she was in love with Bo for a long time, since she was a kid and he was the one that broke her heart. It made total sense to me that when he reached out to her and tried to pull her back to him, she would feel that pull.  I also believed that the pull towards Bo was utterly and complete separate from her feelings for Cam.   Letting go is hard, especially when something new is so unsure.

Cam was just fun. It’s been a long time since I read a male lead that was just so much fun! Daredevil, bad boy, adrenaline junkie and occasional dirty talker.  He was funny…and always trying to get laid.  And it was pretty funny watching him try to get laid.   But he was also a good friend to Inga. A damn great friend actually, the way he took care of her was beautiful to watch.

I think my favorite thing about this book was that the story was so different. I have read tons of books and so often the characters and situations are repetitive. The opposite was true with this book, like the roles were almost reversed . Cam was the fun one, he was the caregiver, he was the first one to realize that this was more than just a hook up. He protected her and looked out for Inga and took her back, no questions asked, when she was confused about Bo’s place in her life.  Inga was the emotional, moody one in the relationship.  She was the one who had an entirely separate relationship going on on the side. She was the one who was afraid to commit to Cam.  It was refreshing.

I really, really liked this book. Without spoiling anything, I’m going to say what set this book apart for me were two situations that occur in a lot of books, that I felt were handled more believably and more true to life by Sunniva in this book than in any other book I’ve ever read.  BUT….I can’t tell you what they are without spoiling so……

OH….and did I mention this book was fun? Crazy fun?  Cam is crazy and funny and silly (but still super hot) and Inga is just as crazy (if not more so) and so easy going.  Guaranteed they will make you laugh…out loud.

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ARC was generously provide by Sunniva in exchange for an honest review.

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