Back Stage (Power Station #3) by T. Gephart

Rock Star? Angie Morelli was not one. Growing up next to Power Station’s drummer didn’t guarantee a taste of the limelight, unless you count catcalls at low paying gigs in seedy bars and second-rate venues. She was okay with that; working her ass off at her dad’s mechanic shop during the day meant she could live her dream at night. She didn’t need Power Station waltzing back into her life, Jason Irwin had done enough damage the first time. Could she let go of her hurt for a chance of hitting the big time?

A one-night stand right before Jason Irwin left for his big break was no big deal. Except it wasn’t just any girl— it was Angie, Troy’s hot but young and inexperienced neighbor. It should never have happened, so best he pretend like it didn’t. Ten years later he remembered exactly why he went down that road. She was even hotter and she was also pissed as hell. Sounded like the perfect combination to invite on their world tour.

The road was not the place for history. It was bound to get ugly.

Book Three of the Power Station Series

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5 Star Review

At this point I would have to say I consider myself a bit of a Power Station groupie and this final book in the series definitely fed my fangirl addiction. The author finishes off this series with a bang that will not disappoint and she introduces a new band that will leave you hoping for just a little bit more.

Angie and Jason have a history that for ten years has left him feeling guilty and her pissed as hell. So when her band ends up as the opening act on Power Station’s tour neither one of them are exactly thrilled. But of course, the attraction is still there and pretty soon the oil and water of their relationship changes to gasoline and a lit match.

Angie is one of my favorite female leads, and it’s unusual for the female lead to be the reason I love a book, but Angie is. She has it all…talent, a kick ass band, a great sense of humor and a backbone of steel. She somehow manages to be tough and vulnerable, sweet and bitter, fearless and insecure and in the end wonderfully compassionate and giving. I would love to hang out with Ash and Megs, but I would love to BE Angie.

Jace is Jace…quiet, stoic, emotionally closed off but somehow kind, protective and fun. He was hot as hell but frustrating too. He’s drawn to Angie and can’t keep himself away, but he also believes he can’t offer her anything beyond sex. Jason’s past, when he finally reveals it, changes everything, including how Angie sees him and all bets are off after that.

All of the old favorites are back in this one and I was thrilled to find that they all play a pretty big part in this book, which only made it better!! (especially Dan…my super secret douchbag crush and Troy…everybody’s favorite sweetheart!) Angie’s band…Black Addiction are a fabulous group of new characters and her best friend and band mate Rusty is a scene stealer if ever there was one(no small feat in a book that features the Power Station boys). Rusty was smart, funny and absolutely perfect..if that boy doesn’t get his own book there is just something not right in the world.

This book is the perfect finale to a group of characters you can’t help but fall in love with and the send off the author gives this band is magnificent. I’m holding out hope that the guys will be back again, especially if Rusty gets a book, but if not, I could not have wished for a better end to their story.

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