Banking the Billionaire by Max Monroe

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5 Thatchtastic stars 
So I was supposed to write a review about this one but as soon as I start thinking about it, I’m giggling, no I’m laughing like a lunatic. Boy, this book is hilarious. Thatch and Cassie are my new favorite best friends, best couple, best soul mates.
This book should come with a warning. DO NOT READ IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE CRAZY PEOPLE WITH NO FILTERS.
Everything in this book was perfect. So perfect that I was waiting for the big blow, the one when you’re left heartbroken. Well I got a little teary but Thatchsie will get their HEA with a BIG FAT EPILOGUE.
Read it. You won’t regret it! PROMISE!
Uninhibited. Sarcastic. Confident. Beautiful.
With a thriving photography career that allows her to travel all over the world and capture the hottest of men behind her camera lens, Cassie Phillips is the woman who can’t be tamed.

Adrenaline-junkie. Jokester. Billionaire. Hot-as-sin.
At six-foot-five, with muscles for days, and that perfect playful smile, Thatcher Kelly is the kind of man you don’t want to deny.

Wild for wild.
Prank for prank.
The two most unlikely of people may be the only ones to see that some personality traits only run skin deep.

Uncensored. Hilarious. And too damn hot to put into words.
Grab a fan and get ready for one hell of a ride because when the opposite of opposites attract, things are bound to get a little messy.

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