Beneath the Cape…A Superhero Anthology

Cheryl McIntyre (one of my very favorite authors EVER)  dropped some exciting news today for fans of Superheroes and Romance

Romance authors, Angela McPherson, Cheryl McIntyre, Christine Zolendz, D Nichole King, Laura Thalassa, Lynn Vroman, Magan Vernon, and Sunniva Dee bring you seven different New Adult Romance

Here’s what Cheryl had to say:
I’ve been waiting for FOREVER to share this news with you all!

About a year ago, I was watching Thor, and I was thinking about how much I like Thor—I mean, come on, Chris Hemsworth is HOT! And I thought about how much more I would like it if there was even MORE focus on the romance between Jane and Thor, and maybe even Loki could have a love interest. So that got me thinking about how comic books, though awesome, are typically marketed to men. Women like superheroes too, but we like romance better.

So I started messaging author friends. Some got it. Some didn’t. But the ones who did signed on, and now, after a year of planning and writing, I can finally, FINALLY announce Beneath the Cape—The Superhero Anthology will release on July 1, 2015!

A HUGE thank you to Book Covers by Ashbee Designs for donating the gorgeous cover!

Superheroes for women!

What’s beneath a hero’s cape?

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