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Genre: Romantic Suspense / Contemporary Romance

❥¸.•´*¨`*•✿Blog Tour ❥¸.•´*¨`*•✿

Title: Caught by Her

Series: Fighting Free Series #2

Author: GL Chapple

Release date: March 3rd 2016


She impressed me

She intrigued me

She captivated me

I’m consumed by her, but I can’t afford the risk of loving her. I repeat this

like a mantra in a valiant attempt to make myself believe the words.

And I did, until I almost lost her. Until I was forced to admit what she

means to me.

Am I willing to gamble on love? Knowing how quickly the world can be

turned upside down, how everything you thought you had safely within

your grasp can suddenly get snatched away…

Tormented by my past, I know I run the risk of destroying my future.

Then the present forces me to fight for her – secrets, lies, threats and

betrayal, a potent mixture for heartbreak and hurt…

But whoever wants my girl needs to get through me first. I protect what’s

mine, and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

*This is the conclusion to Freed by Him and cannot be read as a


**This book is suitable for readers 17yrs and older due to adult themes –

yes there are “steamy” scenes!**


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Wenn's Review

4 Stars

Caught by Her is the second book in this series, about Lena and Nate.

Starting right after Lena’s accident, Nate has some difficulties to accept the feelings he has for Lena and let’s just say that he has his own way to deal with it.
Lena on the other hand doesn’t understand what has happened to change Nate’s behaviour so drastically…

Both characters here are full of surprises, and I must say that one of the things I LOVED the most in this book was the “real life” feeling I had all along. They are not sugar coated, don’t live in a mansion with unicorns, they do every day things together, talk like I would talk to my husband…

Their complicity was flagrant and so refreshing. Lena’s actions, even if you won’t agree with every thing she does, were funded and appropriate. I’m referring here to Nate’s brother. (view spoiler)

The only negative thing I could say is that I found the first part of the story, when Nate has to wake the fuck up and unstuck his head out of his ass, a wee bit too long.
The second part though, was unexpected and so good! Every thing happened so fast and seriously was REALLY well written, it felt like I was watching a movie. It was crystal clear!

I really enjoyed being immersed in Nate and Lena’s lives and I can not wait to read about Marcus!

Author Bio:

GL Chapple is a girl that always loved to read and write and promised

herself that, one day, she’d have a book bearing her name on her shelf.

Living in South Wales with her husband and two young children, she’s a

thirty something stay at home mother.

She spends a great deal of time at the beach, despite the welsh

weather! And loves hot and sunny days…which we never get enough


She will read almost anything and really only become enamoured with

romance at the end of 2014, however, since then, she hasn’t looked



This time our kisses were soft and sweet, his hands cradled my face as

his lips gently brushed mine. Our tongues tangled together in a slow

dance as he began to make love to me as the music played in the


This was completely different from our previous encounters.

This was love.

This was so incredibly intimate and sensual.

Tears glistened in my eyes, and I fought to stop them falling. The

emotional intensity was almost more than I could bear.

This wasn’t about making me come un-done; this was about sealing us

together, bonding us, sharing something incredible and powerful


The words resonated deep within me as he kissed and caressed me. I’d

never felt so connected to someone; it was unlike anything I’d ever


He maintained eye contact with me as he worshipped my body, his eyes

telling me more than his words ever could.

I thought I’d laid myself bare to Nate by telling him my secrets, but this

was so much more than that. I felt totally exposed to him and instead of

feeling anxious, I felt cherished and loved. My chest ached. My heart felt

like it had swollen to burst.

The sensations flooding my system were overwhelming me and I clung

to him, my fingertips digging into his back, my nails raking up and down

as I pulled him closer to me.

I could feel myself climbing towards my third orgasm, my mind scattered,

my emotions frayed and my body taut. I wanted to tell him I didn’t think I

could cope with anymore.

It was all too much.

My words were garbled, moans indecipherable, I closed my eyes for a

moment and heard him call my name through the fog of pleasure.

“Lena, look at me, Princess.” His voice was strained but demanding.

I opened my eyes as my body seemed to dissolve beneath me as a

wave of pleasure washed over me, the intensity forcing a strangled cry

from me. He slowed slightly as I rode out my orgasm.

My body felt boneless, my senses overloaded, before he increased his

tempo again, chasing his own release.

Within minutes my name became a long drawn out moan on his lips as

he reached his climax. He held his weight off me with his forearms but

dropped his head down onto my chest. I could feel his heart beating

against my own chest

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