High Strung (Power Station #1) By T. Gephart

5 Star Review

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Ashlyn Murphy was not living the dream. Twenty-seven years old, college educated, up to her eyeballs in debt and yet she’d been relegated to pouring beers at a local bar. She desperately needed an out and was willing to do anything to get back into the corporate world. Well, almost anything. Dan Evans, Rock Star was NOT one of those things. In fact she despised him. Apparently he didn’t get the memo.

Dan Evans, bass player of international rock band Power Station had it all. He was rich, travelled the world, played to millions of adoring fans and had no shortage of beautiful women willing to share his bed. He didn’t need a moody redheaded knockout with a superiority complex complicating his life. Or did he?

When two people who couldn’t be more opposite cross paths, it’s bound to be explosive; sometimes all you can do is sit back and enjoy the show.


Kristys review


I really loved this book. It was well written and really funny, like laughing out loud funny. The premise was nothing new, but the characters, especially the supporting characters and their relationships made this book a lot better than most. The Bromances among the band members were superb and surprisingly in depth which added an element that I don’t usually find in rocker books.

The hero is one of my favorite in a long time because he was such an anti-hero. Dan was a cocky, chauvinistic, sometimes dense, manwhore who took whatever woman offered him. Of course, he sees Ashlyn and is instantly intrigued, especially since she has absolutely no interest in him. What I think I liked best about Dan was, despite the fact that he was truly a good guy and that he really did care for Ashlyn, he maintained his charming arrogance and cocky sense of humor. His overblown ego stayed intact and that was somehow more endearing then if he had changed completely.  Dan is one of my very favorite, for all the wrong reasons.

Ashlyn was a great female lead. She was strong and independent, if not a little down on her luck. Right from the start Dan gets under her skin and drives her crazy, but pretty early on she figures out that under the massive ego is a pretty good guy. Her snark quickly turns from actual anger to a fun game of tit for tat with Dan. She’s one of the few heroines who manages to pull of snarky fun without seeming bitchy. Ok, sometimes she’s bitchy but she admits she is a bitch and he admits he is an asshole. It’s pretty entertaining.

I also really enjoyed the writing in this book, it just flowed. I found this to be a quick read mostly because it was so well done. Having never read this author before, I was pleasantly surprised by this one and I have already started the next book.

Give this one a try.



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