➡Our Rating System

  1. Star    =  Did Not Finish.  Considering that I almost always force myself to finish a book, if you see this rating steer clear of the book.
  2. Stars  =  I finished it, but I would give anything to have my money and my time back.  This rating means it wasn’t just boring….it was terrible.  Bad writing, plot holes and characters I hated will all be in this category.
  3. Stars  =  Ehh…This book was OK.  I didn’t hate it, I didn’t love it, it was just ok. This is a book I won’t every read again and I probably won’t even think about it again.  And I certainly will not be seeking out anything else in the series or by the author.
  4. Stars  =  This book I liked.  I didn’t love it, but I was still glad I read it.  Generally this book will have characters or plots that I liked, no major plot holes and decent writing.  I may or may not seek out more books by the author.
  5. Stars  =  This book I loved.  This is a book that made me happy, made me cry and made me feel.  I most likely highlighted favorite parts, reread the best parts and I will definitely be seeking out other books by this author and the rest of the book in the series.
  6. Stars  =  THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING!!! Six stars means it was one of my favorite EVER.  This is a book I will read over and over, I will recommend to everyone I meet and I will read EVERYTHING this author ever writes.


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