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Release Date: July 6th

tag17My name is Cale Kinley and I’m a fucking Virgin

Well, with the exception of my tongue. The countless things I can do with my tongue are bound to leave you breathless and begging for more, but more… is something that I can’t give. It’s a choice. My choice.

There’s a reason for that. A very good reason, and that reason is her.


She’s the only woman that I want to bury myself deep in. The one woman I have wanted since I was old enough to fuck.

I never got my chance though, because she left. She had no choice and it stung like hell. But I couldn’t let her leave without telling her how I felt. I wanted her to be my first and I didn’t give a shit how long I’d have to wait.

It’s been six years and now she’s back and sexier than all hell. Just the sight of her stops my damn heart from beating. I want her and for more than just having her as my first.

I’m determined to have her in every way possible. She thinks this is still a game; that I’ve already given myself to countless women. What she doesn’t know is that I have a lot of willpower.

When I want something as badly as I want her, I don’t let shit stand in my way. I’m going to prove that to her. There’s just one little problem I need to take care of…


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tag19After securing my apron filled with my lotions and oils, I turn to the table and my heart starts pounding like crazy in my chest as I see a body, barely covered by a small towel, just waiting to be touched by me. I swallow hard while letting my eyes roam over the stiff muscles of the tanned back on display. The top of the client’s ass peeks out of the towel, displaying the roundest, firmest ass I have ever seen before… and the dimples in his back are making it hard for me to gain some much-needed confidence.

Doing a silly little shake in an attempt to shake my nerves off, I squirt some oil in my hands and slowly run my hands up the bottom of his back, being sure to make it feel as insanely good as I possibly can.

The feel of his muscled back beneath my fingers and the deep, undeniably sexy moan that escapes his throat almost has me turned on as I start to go lower, until I’m right above his ass.

“Go lower,” the deep voice whispers. “Take the towel off.”

I almost deny his request, when I remember that Sensual Touches is clothing optional. That’s the one thing that almost kept me from applying, but comparing the pay that you get here versus the other options, I knew what my choice had to be.

“This is new to me,” I whisper, before speaking up. “Let me know if you get uncomfortable and I’ll replace it before you flip over on your back.”

“That won’t be an issue,” he says huskily.

Keeping my moan to myself, I lower my hands down to his ass, removing the towel little by little as I continue to get lower. As soon as my hands reach the bottom of his ass, I remove the towel completely and hold back the gasp that fights to escape me.

Holy hotness…

Remembering that this was per his request, and that it’s fully professional to be doing this here at Sensual Touches, I grip the back of his upper thighs and massage it while rubbing my thumbs over the bottom of his tight ass, enjoying every single moment of it.

In fact, I’m enjoying it so much that I almost feel guilty. Tyler and I have been broken up for less than a week, and here I am enjoying myself as I rub on another man’s ass, listening closely for each moan that he will grace my ears with.

After spending a good, long, fifteen minutes on his ass itself, I focus my attention on the rest of his muscular body, mentally preparing myself for the rest of his gloriousness that I’ll be seeing in the flesh as soon as I finish up on his backside.

Now I understand why that Hailey chick is going to be pissed off. Massaging this stud has to be the best part of her job here. How can you not enjoy this?

Pulling my hands away, I turn away to give him some privacy. “I’m ready for you to flip over, sir. Please let me know when you’re ready.”

“I’m always ready for you, Rile.”Cale 3.5

tag15Victoria Ashley grew up in Rockford, IL and has had a passion for reading for as long as she can remember. After finding a reading app where it allowed readers to upload their own stories, she gave it a shot and writing became her passion.

She lives for a good romance book with tattooed bad boys that are just highly misunderstood and is not afraid to be caught crying during a good read. When she’s not reading or writing about bad boys, you can find her watching her favorites shows such as Sons Of Anarchy, Dexter and True Blood.

She is the author of Wake Up Call, This Regret, Slade, Hemy, and Get Off on the Pain. Victoria is currently working on more releases for 2015.

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COCKY BASTARD (A Contemporary Romance standalone novel)

Cover designer: Letitia Hasser, r.b.a designs


New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Authors

Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland

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RELEASE DATE: August 17th, 2015

cocky bastard coverModel: Nick Ayler


He was someone who belonged in my wildest fantasies instead of a rest stop in the middle of Nebraska.

A sexy, cocky, Australian named Chance was the last person I expected to run into on my cross-country drive.

When my car broke down, we made a deal. Next thing I knew, we were traveling together, spending sexually-tense nights in hotels and taking unplanned detours.

My ordinary road trip turned into the adventure of a lifetime. It was all fun and games until things got intense.

I wanted him, but Chance wouldn’t make a move. I thought he wanted me too, but something was holding him back.

I wasn’t supposed to fall for the cocky bastard, especially when I knew we’d be going our separate ways.

All good things must come to an end, right?

Except our ending was one I didn’t see coming.

About the Authors:

Vi Keeland

Vi Keeland is a native New Yorker with three children that occupy most of her free time, which she complains about often, but wouldn’t change for the world. She is a bookworm and has been known to read her kindle at stop lights, while styling her hair, cleaning, walking, during sporting events, and frequently while pretending to work. She is a boring attorney by day, and an exciting smut author by night!

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads | Pinterest

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 Penelope Ward

Penelope Ward is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. She grew up in Boston with five older brothers and spent most of her twenties as a television news anchor, before switching to a more family-friendly career. She is the proud mother of a beautiful 10-year-old girl with autism and a 9-year-old boy. Penelope and her family reside in Rhode Island.

 Stalk Her: Facebook | Website | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Goodreads

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A Hard Ink Special Announcement from Laura Kaye!

PrintFrom the author of the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Hard Ink Series, comes a special announcement sure to excite readers everywhere! Don’t miss what Laura Kaye has to say…

A Hard Ink Special Announcement from Laura Kaye!

As I celebrate the release last week of Hard to Let Go, the finale in my Hard Ink romantic suspense series, I’m super excited to share some more news about Hard Ink! I’m going to do another book in this series. And not just any book. I’m going to write a wedding novella for one of the couples in the series!! And I’m so flippin’ excited!!!

This is how this idea came about: I happened to see another author celebrating the release of a follow-up wedding book, and I’ve never written any follow-up stories about any of my characters—once they’ve gotten their happily ever afters in their original story, I just moved right on to the next couple. But that author’s book got me thinking about who I would even do a follow-up story on. Who is it that would get married? My initial thoughts went right to the Hard Ink series, of course, because I’ve been immersed in this world for the past two years and absolutely adore these characters. Seriously – I know many of us have joked about the title of the last book being apropos, and trust me when I say I’m feeling that, too. I want more Hard Ink myself.

And then I had to ask – which couple? My gut instinct was to say Nick and Becca. They started the series, have been together the longest, and the personal issues they each have and struggles they each face are less than some of the other characters. BUT…

But then my brain started to think about all the other couples. And as I thought through all of them, I could make a case why any of the Hard Ink couples might be the first to get married.

And that’s where YOU come in.

I can’t decide which couple to write.

I could make the argument for Nick and Becca for all the reasons above. I could make the argument that Shane would be eager to take care of Sara in every way he can. I could make the argument that Easy and Jenna’s bond would be so tight because of the hell Easy’s come through and him having saved Jenna’s life. Marz has never wanted anything more than a family, so I could see him being eager to make Emilie his forever. Jeremy and Charlie had the bond of best friends before becoming lovers, and I could see the two of them wanting to prove the depth of their love by committing to forever. And Kat so knocked Beckett on his ass that I could see him wanting to hold her tight and, well, never let go – and finally have a family that valued him.

So, yeah, I can’t decide!

Which means you guys get to.

For real.

I’m letting you pick.


Have you read and met all the Hard Ink couples yet? If not, now’s the time!

Because between now and July 31, you get to vote on which couple gets the bonus wedding novella.

Eeep! Can you believe it? I’m nervous! And excited! And eeep!

Whoever wins, the book will be called Hard Ever After and will release January 19, 2016. How freaking awesome is that title, by the way? I’ve been giggling over it for months! *winks*

Down below, I’ve got some wedding invitations for you to share around to encourage other readers to vote for the couple you want. So grab your favorite couple’s invitations and help spread the word! You can also grab one of the smaller avatar images for your Facebook and Twitter avatars. Have fun with it and vote, vote, vote!

Baby boy invitation templateBaby boy invitation templateBaby boy invitation templateBaby boy invitation templateBaby boy invitation template

And I figure we should have ways for you to win prizes, too, right? After all, weddings do have gifts! So see below for two big ways to win!

Now, please spread the word and vote! I cannot wait to see who I’m going to be writing about!

Thanks for reading,

Laura Kaye


Vote by clicking on the link above and then grab the Avatar below for the couple you chose. Change your profile pictures on social media to show who you voted for!

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The Hard Ink Series

HARD AS IT GETS (on sale for $1.99!):
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HARD AS YOU CAN (on sale for $1.99!): Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

HARD TO HOLD ON TO: Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

HARD TO COME BY: Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

HARD TO BE GOOD: Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

HARD TO LET GO: Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

Pre-order HARD AS STEEL (Raven Riders Crossover): Amazon only to start

Pre-order HARD EVER AFTER: Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

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#VoteNickandBecca       #VoteShaneandSara       #VoteEasyandJenna
#VoteMarzandEmilie       #VoteJeremyandCharlie       #VoteBeckettandKat

Check your spelling when you tweet because I will be picking winners only from those that use one of the six above hashtags! I will announce winners from the Twitter Hashtag Contest on Monday, July 13. Feel free to keep using the hashtag after the contest closes to connect with other readers who want your favorite couple to win, too!

And don’t miss this second fantastic giveaway from Laura Kaye!

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Author PhotoABOUT Laura Kaye:

Laura is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over twenty books in contemporary and paranormal romance and romantic suspense. Growing up, Laura’s large extended family believed in the supernatural, and family lore involving angels, ghosts, and evil-eye curses cemented in Laura a life-long fascination with storytelling and all things paranormal. She lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters, and cute-but-bad dog, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.

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**Cover Reveal** End of Day

by Jewel E Ann

End of Day releases on August 17th
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Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust; in the sure and certain hope of the Resurrection to eternal life.

Four caskets. Two bodies.

 Jessica and Jude Day witness their funeral and that of their parents a few yards away from mourning family and friends. Stripped of the only life they’ve ever known, the Days say goodbye to San Francisco forever.

Four months later, two thirty-year-old misfits with elite self-defense skills and penchants for alcohol, sex, and trouble arrive like an earthquake to Peaceful Woods, a retirement community in Omaha, Nebraska, that thrives on rules and gossip. Welcome home, Jackson and Jillian Knight.

Jackson celebrates his new beginning by embracing his job and wiping his cavalier past clean with a temporary oath of celibacy. But Jillian’s past is branded into her soul—the deaths, the insanity, Dr. Luke Jones, and the need to make her lovers bleed. Her chance for redemption comes in the form of a next door neighbor, one Senior Master Sergeant Monaghan. He’s sexy, dangerously alluring, and riddled with emotional issues from years of service. He’s also … So. Damn. Grumpy.

Their mission is simple: Let go, start over, don’t kill anyone, and pray that nobody wakes the dead.


Miss Knight.” He shut the driver’s door and slung his messenger bag over his shoulder. “Do you need something?”

“What does AJ stand for?” She inched forward until they were toe to toe, red rain boots to tan combat boots. Jillian loved how her skin tingled in his proximity, how she felt dominated by his stature but not submissive to his strength.

“Your shorts are too short.” The authoritative intonation of his voice felt like a tongue dragging over every pleasurable nerve ending in her body.

“Too short for what? You, Sergeant Monaghan?”

“We don’t have a club house or swimming pool. Why the bikini top?” AJ clenched his fists as Jillian moved her feet between his. Her cleavage-bared chest pressed against his stomach.

“Is my body appalling to you, Sarge?”

“The old men in this neighborhood don’t need to have their wives pissed at them all day because the new neighbor gets her mail wearing a little bit of nothing.” His voice escalated with each word as it muffled into pure grit.

“Sarge, are you upset about my mail-retrieving attire or that I get the mail after you’ve already left for work?”

He narrowed his eyes.

“Because you’ve already seen more than the other neighbors.”

AJ maintained a scowl, but his deep swallow gave him away.

“How’s your lip?”

The tip of his tongue instinctively glided over the small red spot that was still there. “Tell me. Are you one of those kinky dominatrixes that likes it rough?”

Jillian twisted her lips and rolled her eyes, diverting her gaze from his. “Hmm … no, that’s not an accurate assessment.” Dr. Jones ruled out that possibility years ago.

“And why is that?”

She yanked his T-shirt from his pants and snaked her hand up a few inches against his taut, bare skin. Gripping his dog tags, she gently tugged until he gave in and leaned forward to prevent her from breaking them.

“Because I don’t want you to submit to me,” she whispered her words like a potion meant to cast a spell.

AJ secured her ponytail in his fisted hand. “I assure you words like surrender, succumb, and submit are only under the list of things I’m incapable of doing.”

Jillian smiled. She never considered her issue an addiction, but at that moment it was powerful and all-consuming. “I’m going to bring you to your knees, Senior Master Sergeant Monaghan.”

About the Author

Jewel is a free-spirited romance junkie with a quirky sense of humor.

With 10 years of flossing lectures under her belt, she took early retirement from her dental hygiene career to stay home with her three awesome boys and manage the family business.

After her best friend of nearly 30 years suggested a few books from the Contemporary Romance genre, Jewel was hooked. Devouring two and three books a week but still craving more, she decided to practice sustainable reading, AKA writing.

When she’s not donning her cape and saving the planet one tree at a time, she enjoys yoga with friends, good food with family, rock climbing with her kids, watching How I Met Your Mother reruns, and of course…heart-wrenching, tear-jerking, panty-scorching novels.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads | Pinterest





Songs of Submission Series Books 1-3 By C.D. Reiss

Buy the Beg Tease Submit – Books 1-3: Submission Series Bundle on Amazon


4 Star Review


Jonathan Drazen is a known womanizer and a gorgeous piece of
man I’m not letting into my heart. Ever.

Yeah, he’s rich, beautiful, charming as hell, and he has a wit as sharp as a double-edged razor… but he’s made it perfectly clear that this is a short-term fuck. Three nights, tops, then we part like sexually satisfied grown-ups.

I believe him when he says he can’t love me. I’m not trying to fall in love, either.
We get in. Get it on. Get the hell out. Done.


When Jonathan was gone I couldn’t stop thinking about him, and the first thing he did when he got back was demand more of me. I’m willing to give him my orgasms and my time, but I find myself giving up pieces of my heart.

My career is on track, and even though I can’t write a thing, I can sing. So I’ll go to the art opening with him, because his ex wife will be there. I feel this need to protect him from hurt, though in bed, his domination brings me to my knees.

This man is going to break me into a million little pieces


“You’re mine. The minute I told you to spread your legs and you did it, you were mine. When I told you to beg for it and you did, you were mine. When you put your hands behind your back without being told, I owned you.”

No. God, no.
My name is Monica, and no matter what Jonathan says, I am not submissive.

Mini Review IconWenn’s Review


OMG I feel bad. I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t love this book.

I liked this book, it was an okay read for me, but I have to admit that I was sometimes bored. Don’t get me wrong, the story is captivating, the characters are perfect but it lacked from an intensity I was expecting.

I was waiting for so much more, I guess this is what happen when you hear so much about something, once you experience it, it doesn’t have the same appeal…


Sometimes you just have to feel the bad to enjoy the good. That is what happened here. As much as Beg wasn’t one of my fave books, giving a try to Tease was a wise decision! I found the intensity here that was missing from Beg and am glad I continued reading this series.

I really liked the fact that every little detail came at a precise moment for a precise reason, there is a lot of things that we still don’t know about Jonathan and Monica and never would have I expected half the things that happened!


I’m hooked. I couldn’t stop reading. My heart cried and nearly burst. This is beautifully written, full of emotions and mystery. I can not say much about the story itself because I don’t want to spoil it. But what I can tell you is that I felt a lot reading Monica’s struggles with the submissive idea. How she questioned herself and Jonathan’s motivation.

CD Reiss has a way with words, and I will read every other book of this awesome series!

I Want You to Want Me by Erika Kelly

                        Buy I Want You to Want Me (Rock Star Romance, A Book 2) on Amazon

5 Star Review Derek Valencia finally has the success he’s worked so hard for. His band is touring its debut album and great reviews are rolling in. But when pictures of him tossing naked groupies off a balcony go viral, it’s damage-control time. He’s assigned a “babysitter” whose sole job is to keep him out of trouble. Violet Davis swore she’d never work in the music industry again, but being a minder for a rock star will earn her enough to pay off the mortgage on her wildflower farm. And for a girl brought up in the foster care system, owning her own home means more to her than anything. Though at first the two bang heads, the rocker and the farm girl soon grow close and realize that they make sweet music together. But can a girl who craves the stability of life on a farm really make it work with a man whose life is spent on the road with his band? Feature Review Icon I was desperate to read this book, so desperate I BEGGED the author for an ARC and she was generous enough to send me one.  But then I got nervous…what if it didn’t live up to my very high expectations?  Erika Kelly..YOU ROCK rockstar romances because it totally lived up…maybe even exceeded my expectations.  Did I mention they were high?

So…here’s the thing…I adored Slater Vaughn…ADORED him, so I knew I would like Derek but what I didn’t expect was to love him more than Slater Vaughn.  But I DID.  Now, I have to admit I have a thing for emotionally damaged bad boys.  What made Derek different and so much better than most book boyfriends was he was an emotionally damaged good guy.  I loved that.  He was strong and business oriented and in the music business for all of the right reasons, a born leader.  But after a lifetime of rejection from the dad he idolized, he knows better than to let anyone get to close because risking more rejection is not worth the risk.  So imagine his surprise when the woman sent to keep him and his band in line becomes the first one with the potential to  break through his barriers.

Violet Davis has had her own share of rejection and in a job that requires her to fake relationships, she has no idea how to determine what’s real and what’s just pretend.  But as she starts to fall for Derek, she realizes that there just may be no way to make a relationship work when their jobs are going to take them in opposite directions.  Not to mention she has no way of knowing if Derek’s feelings are the real thing or if she’s just another in a long line of woman he works with and then dates.

Erika Kelly does angst better than any author I have ever read.  The emotions of her characters are so believable, so real, so damn relatable that I spend a third of the book sick to my stomach (in the best possible way), a third of the book almost in tears and a third of the book overwhelmed with sheer joy.  Even when her characters do something that makes you want to scream or hit them upside the head, you still understand exactly where they are coming from and how they got there.  Just amazing. I can not BELIEVE how excruciating the wait for book three is going to be.

Find I Want You to Want Me on Goodreads

Cale (Walk of Shame #3) by Victoria Ashley

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My name is Cale Kinley and I’m a fucking Virgin…

Well, with the exception of my tongue. The countless things I can do with my tongue are bound to leave you breathless and begging for more, but more… is something that I can’t give. It’s a choice. My choice.

There’s a reason for that. A very good reason, and that reason is her.

She’s the only woman that I want to bury myself deep in. The one woman I have wanted since I was old enough to fuck.

I never got my chance though, because she left. She had no choice and it stung like hell. But I couldn’t let her leave without telling her how I felt. I wanted her to be my first and I didn’t give a shit how long I’d have to wait.

It’s been six years and now she’s back and sexier than all hell. Just the sight of her stops my damn heart from beating. I want her and for more than just having her as my first.

I’m determined to have her in every way possible. She thinks this is still a game; that I’ve already given myself to countless women. What she doesn’t know is that I have a lot of willpower.

When I want something as badly as I want her, I don’t let shit stand in my way. I’m going to prove that to her. There’s just one little problem I need to take care of…

Feature Review Icon

I was really anticipating the release of Cale…Slade is one of my very favorite novellas and, while I thought Hemy was OK, I was hopeful Cale would close out the Walk of Shame series in the same manner in which Slade started it…spectacularly.  I’m not sure I would call Cale spectacular…but it was certainly a great read and a wonderful ending to a sweet (and DIRTY) little series.

We all remember Cale from Slade and Hemy…he was the third stripper and bartender at the Walk of Shame bar and despite bringing home plenty of one night stands and pleasuring woman in all kinds of interesting ways (usually involving his tongue) he refused to have intercourse, saving his virginity for some unknown woman from his past.  In Cale we get to meet said unknown woman as Riley (Aspen’s sister) comes home to Chicago after 6 years in Mexico looking after her elderly grandmother.  Through a series of fairly awesome flashbacks, we learn that Cale and Riley were best friends from childhood through High School and that they are both ecstatic about their pending reunion.

Cale is the same sweet, fun loving, gorgeous man we met in the previous books.  He’s so different from the other Walk of Shame boys in that he’s just a good, nice guy with no major issues.  It’s actually refreshing to read a male alpha who’s not damaged and brooding, I loved that about Cale.  Riley’s friendship with Cale is adorable and believable and her character is cute, if not overly memorable.  Their relationship of course, hits a couple of snags along the way and it was nice to see a couple kind of handle adversity like grown ups, no temper tantrums…it was nice.

The rest of the Walk of Shame crew make a few appearances and it’s always great to revisit old favorites.   Cale is a great short read…exactly what the final novella of and series should be cute, romantic, sexy, hot and happy.  This book isn’t going to rock your world….but it a great way to spend a couple of hours and the perfect swan song for the Walk of Shame boys.

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