Review – This Love by Hilaria Alexander

THIS LOVE by Hilaria Alexander
5 Stars – ONLY $0.99
I’ve discovered Hilaria Alexander when reading FU CANCER. This book took my breath away by its realism. She managed to write a real love story revolving around a mother fighting cancer and falling in love. It was a beautiful book.

It is without surprise that I then turned toward her other books.

This Love is not as tragic as FU CANCER was but it completely floored me. The “artsy” part of me loved all the musical references, the artistic ones.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I ten to get a bit tired of always seeing the same pattern in books. No tattooed, muscular hero, no over-the-top alpha behavior, and no unnecessary drama here… And trust me I do love that but here, this was like a taking a real breath of fresh air.

Don’t get me wrong, you will swoon like crazy, feel the tension between those two, this is a romance book after all. But you will get so much more than that.

The heroine, Ella, left New York for Amsterdam in order to take some distance from a very controlling family, she wants to be her own person, make her own decision, and do what makes her happy. It is clear from the start that she is an independent woman but yet is still finding her voice.

She meets our hero, Lou, in the streets of Amsterdam and from then builds a real friendship, that will be the begining of a great love story.
Our heroes both have their flaws, they’re not perfect and that is exactly what I loved. It felt REAL. Their struggles were REAL. I really appreciated how the author let the characters find their own path to their respective happiness before they could truly live their HEA together. Ella and Lou are so respectful of the other’s decisions and so supportive. It is, in my opinion what makes this book so beautiful.

Lou is a musician, a bit at a loss of inspiration after his separation/divorce. He will slowly start to write again, their love story being written along with his music. More than once I realized throughout the day that I was humming “I love you like a love song” ( Cats On Trees Cover –>… )

“It reminded me of the beautiful girl that played with me. She was in every note.”

I can’t say enough how all those musical references got to me. It gave another dimension to the story.

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