Songs of Submission Series Books 1-3 By C.D. Reiss

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4 Star Review


Jonathan Drazen is a known womanizer and a gorgeous piece of
man I’m not letting into my heart. Ever.

Yeah, he’s rich, beautiful, charming as hell, and he has a wit as sharp as a double-edged razor… but he’s made it perfectly clear that this is a short-term fuck. Three nights, tops, then we part like sexually satisfied grown-ups.

I believe him when he says he can’t love me. I’m not trying to fall in love, either.
We get in. Get it on. Get the hell out. Done.


When Jonathan was gone I couldn’t stop thinking about him, and the first thing he did when he got back was demand more of me. I’m willing to give him my orgasms and my time, but I find myself giving up pieces of my heart.

My career is on track, and even though I can’t write a thing, I can sing. So I’ll go to the art opening with him, because his ex wife will be there. I feel this need to protect him from hurt, though in bed, his domination brings me to my knees.

This man is going to break me into a million little pieces


“You’re mine. The minute I told you to spread your legs and you did it, you were mine. When I told you to beg for it and you did, you were mine. When you put your hands behind your back without being told, I owned you.”

No. God, no.
My name is Monica, and no matter what Jonathan says, I am not submissive.

Mini Review IconWenn’s Review


OMG I feel bad. I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t love this book.

I liked this book, it was an okay read for me, but I have to admit that I was sometimes bored. Don’t get me wrong, the story is captivating, the characters are perfect but it lacked from an intensity I was expecting.

I was waiting for so much more, I guess this is what happen when you hear so much about something, once you experience it, it doesn’t have the same appeal…


Sometimes you just have to feel the bad to enjoy the good. That is what happened here. As much as Beg wasn’t one of my fave books, giving a try to Tease was a wise decision! I found the intensity here that was missing from Beg and am glad I continued reading this series.

I really liked the fact that every little detail came at a precise moment for a precise reason, there is a lot of things that we still don’t know about Jonathan and Monica and never would have I expected half the things that happened!


I’m hooked. I couldn’t stop reading. My heart cried and nearly burst. This is beautifully written, full of emotions and mystery. I can not say much about the story itself because I don’t want to spoil it. But what I can tell you is that I felt a lot reading Monica’s struggles with the submissive idea. How she questioned herself and Jonathan’s motivation.

CD Reiss has a way with words, and I will read every other book of this awesome series!

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