Worth It All by Claudia Connor Review

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She’s fighting for control. . . . Paige Roberts learned to fend for herself growing up. Now she’s doing everything possible to give her daughter, Casey, the stability she never had. But when the vivacious five-year-old decides she’s done wearing her prosthesis, Paige faces her toughest challenge yet: trusting a handsome, brooding stranger who simply wants to help.

He’s struggling to connect. . . . JT McKinney lost more than his leg in a car accident that stole his dreams of pro football. Eight years later, he’s made a new life for himself far away from his old one. His business is developing cutting-edge prosthesis and he’s more than happy to turn his attention to machines instead of people. Still, he can’t shake the feeling that something’s missing.

Will they take a chance on love? . . . When JT gets the chance to help Paige’s daughter, he takes it. He never planned on the two of them tearing down his walls or teaching him to believe in himself again. Paige might not believe in happily ever afters, but JT wants more than anything to be her prince. They’ll both have to let go of the past if they want a future.

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4 Star ReviewThe McKinney Brothers are just some of my very favorite boys and JT is no exception.  They are spectacularly different from so many other BBF out there in that they are just genuinely wonderful, respectable, sincere men.  It is just so refreshing to read about men that are sexy, smart and protective without an ounce of the alpha-jerk so many books hand us. They are not perfect, but they are always trying to be the best they can possibly be and for all the right reasons.  It’s freaking sexy.

Jake (JT) is the youngest McKinney sibling and we learned in the previous books that things are not going well for him.  He’s withdrawn from the family and has in fact, moved as far away from the McKinney home base as possible.  Now, living across the continent, he is running a successful company and making a difference for amputees, inventing and developing state of the art prostheses.  He has also decided that he is destined to and deserving of spending the rest of his life alone. Paige is a single, working mom trying to get a degree, raise her daughter alone and work two jobs to make ends meet…I mean, sleep is optional right?  And Paige’s adorable four year old daughter Casey?  Well, she is an amputee as well and getting ready to start school, a scary prospect for a kid who already knows they are “different”.  When JT meets Casey at the diner her mom works at,  he can’t stop himself from wanting to help her any way her can.  The fact that he’s been attracted to her mom from day one is just a bonus.

Of Course, everything is not perfect for JT and Paige, both are used to being alone and neither is willing to put their faith in another person, but slowly they begin relying on each other and thinking that maybe a future together isn’t out of the question.  But when it comes down to it, neither is quite sure if they are ready to risk their carefully constructed lives on the chance at happiness.

In true Claudia Connor style, this book was just a really warm and comforting read, like cuddling up in your favorite pajamas, wrapping yourself in your favorite blanket in front of the fireplace and drinking a warm cup of your favorite coffee kind of comforting.  These McKinney boys just have a way of radiating security, love and home. JT is everything I needed him to be, sweet, charming and  born to be a family man, if only he would believe it.  Paige is a wonderful female lead, strong, independent, caring and compassionate and never once does she feel sorry for herself…I love that.

And it was AWESOME to get to visit all of the McKinneys we’ve already grown to love.  Catching up with Matt and Abby and Stephen and Hannah and all of the kids was just the cherry on the top of this sweet treat of a book.  I feel like I waited forever for this book and now that’s it here I can assure you it did not disappoint. I’m not sure anyone will ever capture my heart the way Matt and Abby and the kids did, but Worth it All is truly a WORTHY addition to a great series.Worth It All

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