Confessed by NICOLA RENDELL – Guest review –

So you all know I loved Confessed, it was a 6 stars read for me. One of my favourite books EVER.

My person read it too and loved it. So naturally I asked her if she wanted to review it for the blog.

Here it is, Courtney ‘s review of CONFESSED !

Confessed by Nicola Rendell


I must confess Nicola Rendell, made me a complete mess after reading her newest novel Confessed!
Book hangover doesn’t even begin to describe what happened to me. I finished Lucy and Vince’s story back on August 23. I have since read the book 2 more times, because, I could not get enough of these two!
Lucy and Vince hold such a special place in my heart, that, I have chosen to not pick up another book
because, I feel like I’m cheating on them!

We met the wonderful care-free, fun loving, Lucy in Nicola’s first novel Professed. I actually remember emailing Nicola and telling her I had to have Lucy’s story, I needed to know what happened to her. Lucy quickly became one of my favorite secondary characters, so it only made sense that I needed to know where she ended up!

Nicola did something ballsy with her male lead, Vince Russo. Something I haven’t seen very many authors do. I’m not giving anything away, you have to read Confessed for yourself to find out exactly what I mean. What I can say is Vince Russo is probably one of the most perfectly flawed characters I have ever had the honor of reading.

This is easily the best book of 2016, everything you want in a book is there.
The writing is flawless, the plot is daring and ballsy, as all get out, and the Chemistry between Lucy and Vince is HOT!
Hot doesn’t even begin to describe what goes on between these two. I am actually pretty envious of their chemistry and compatibility (I know I know they’re totally fictional characters Courtney)

Rendell made me laugh and cry, I was ecstatic, sad, overwhelmed and by the end of the novel it was so bittersweet.
I was in such a euphoric state, but, the story ended and I wasn’t ready for that. I wanted more. I craved more from these two characters. That isn’t something that happens to me often, especially, when a novel leaves me completely satisfied.

I’ve said it in my review of Professed and I will say it again, Nicola Rendell, has easily become a favorite author of mine, and she is on my insta-buy list! I will buy and read anything this woman writes!

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